@NMH The third panel intrigues me a lot :3 Not too many hot oral scenes out there! :)

@simfantasy What's the song called? It sounds so good! The animation is really smooth and beautiful <3

@hunnybunnie The kinda cuteness im here for. <3 Awh, she is so adorable!! +v+

@duplichance Honestly need more hot Riko in my life. She is such a hottie. <3

@Lunaria Would absolutely hire them! <3 Such a pretty one aaaaa~!

Chobits was dumb, but I draw Chii every now and then. Also, this is how I'm censoring stuff on Pixiv from now on. Hope they like hotdogs 😅

Fetish talk 

Watching a lot of stuff again. There seems to be a smol inactive subreddit, which is neat! But ... not that big of a community. Let alone O.o There are some oddballs here and there but neither of which I am looking for... unfortunately.

and together with some cute and adorable OR would be absolutely my thing. <3

Opening 3 new comission slots.

Post a coment here or send a prívate message if You are insterested.

@charupopu Truely seconded. Inuyasha was my first-ever male crush XD He and Sesshomaru and Naraku are just too damn sexy <3

Look guys, I love girls, okay?? But god damn, Rumiko did not had to make a male character look this attractive and sexy…

Rarely have I woken up and straight up felt like shit.

Slept bad, dreamt bad, feel bad, weather's kinda bad. Fuck this day :/

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