Opening 3 new comission slots.

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@charupopu Truely seconded. Inuyasha was my first-ever male crush XD He and Sesshomaru and Naraku are just too damn sexy <3

Look guys, I love girls, okay?? But god damn, Rumiko did not had to make a male character look this attractive and sexy…

Rarely have I woken up and straight up felt like shit.

Slept bad, dreamt bad, feel bad, weather's kinda bad. Fuck this day :/

New YCH If you want to claim a slot just reply with A or B. Characters will be formed to fit the slot.

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Dentist: "Do you floss daily?"
Me: "Do you backup your data daily?"

"Matrix has undeniably exploded in its popularity and use in the open source community. The fact that it can be federated and self-hosted is enticing to many, it being open source and having open protocols even more so." 💗❤️💖 :)

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I remain very glad I followed tons of people here about a month ago.

Fur fetish things 

Bought a new fur to play with at night :3 My biggest one yet! It's soooooo floofy and poofy and ah... angelic~ <3

sexual topics 

things, being horny for easily most of the day can be bothersome. I mean, whilst horny, thinmking straight is kinda hard... >.< ARGH.

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sexual topics 

I have a problem where the summer heat causes me a lot of sleep loss at first as I acclimate - but then makes me STUPIDLY horny. Holy shit its insane X.x

Like I keep jotting down ideas for artwork commissions - covering all sorts of topics from the softest to most hardcorest spectrum - and it just doesnt stop. I see a long haired women whilst traveling and I have to go cross-legged on an instant, because i just grow one and it won't go away forever X.X

Whilst I love sexy (...)

@machinesbleedtoo For a long time I adjusted myself to the USA timezones to keep in touch with my friends abroad xD Know how that feels.

I also get the peaceful hours part; but maybe use them for specifically hard work and attempt to adjust to normal hours for the "regular" things? I.e. I'd probably put something like proof-reading for spelling into those hours and do everything else over the day o.o

@machinesbleedtoo Being an absolute doofus when it comes to sleeping myself all I can recommend - or, suggest rather - is that having a rough routine can help and going through your schedule the next day before you go sleep MIGHT help you wake up as the responsibilities linger in your mind.

Might, perhaps, possibly... you get the gist.

For me, I usually have 2-3 weeks of sleeping "normal" and another set of 2-3 weeks where my entire sleep schedule is sifted about six hours behind. x_x (...)

god my sleep is so scuffed, even when i'm tired at 2am i stay up till like 5am. it's been a few months of being unable to wake up before 1pm and I slept until 3pm today. T_T

i'm afraid of next semester - my last one - bc it's 3 high workload subjects, but I wonder how much having a more intense routine will help keep me sleeping normally. i've only done 1 subject for 2 semesters in a row so i'm really unsure how i'll handle it

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