god my sleep is so scuffed, even when i'm tired at 2am i stay up till like 5am. it's been a few months of being unable to wake up before 1pm and I slept until 3pm today. T_T

i'm afraid of next semester - my last one - bc it's 3 high workload subjects, but I wonder how much having a more intense routine will help keep me sleeping normally. i've only done 1 subject for 2 semesters in a row so i'm really unsure how i'll handle it

@machinesbleedtoo Being an absolute doofus when it comes to sleeping myself all I can recommend - or, suggest rather - is that having a rough routine can help and going through your schedule the next day before you go sleep MIGHT help you wake up as the responsibilities linger in your mind.

Might, perhaps, possibly... you get the gist.

For me, I usually have 2-3 weeks of sleeping "normal" and another set of 2-3 weeks where my entire sleep schedule is sifted about six hours behind. x_x (...)

@IngwiePhoenix yeah, i think what especially fucked me was being on a europe sleep pattern once the ukraine stuff happened. one of my best friends is in russia, so for a few weeks i was going to bed at like 8am. then i recovered. ish. its been over a month now and i'm still just unable to sleep before 5am cos of that habit that formed

i normally set myself up the night before, yeah. my natural sleep is 2am-10am so i'm always a night owl

@IngwiePhoenix but when i have a lot of work to do i tend to stay up at 5am naturally too and i guess it's cos i find those hours the most peaceful and easiest to work at??

so it's a mixed bag of reasons i guess


@machinesbleedtoo For a long time I adjusted myself to the USA timezones to keep in touch with my friends abroad xD Know how that feels.

I also get the peaceful hours part; but maybe use them for specifically hard work and attempt to adjust to normal hours for the "regular" things? I.e. I'd probably put something like proof-reading for spelling into those hours and do everything else over the day o.o

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