By: Sapphy
At: 03.10.2018 21:10

The Demirci is a species of male/male-herm/cuntboy human-like beings who are clad in armor, mostly due to the medieval nature of their Aether / Crystalline World, Asula. Lead by the Duke Selius, this world is just now starting space travel, and are heavily in favor of their chivalrous nature and will stop at nothing to help those less fortunate. Some Demirci, like the Duke, are not clad 100% in metal armor, allowing people to see that physically they are no different than very muscular humans, with a heavy emphasis on medieval traditions and architecture concerning building structure. Durandal itself is a blue colored hypergiant star, still very young in its celestial age and home to several planets, Asula being the 15th of the celestial bodies in orbit. Many of the Demirci have praise of their residence, or places with distinct similarity, noting that Tau Ceti 5, despite being classified as a Terrestrial World, is very much in line with desire compared to their home planets.