The Country of Phys

By: Sapphy
At: 31.03.2016 07:48

Phys (FUH-aye-SS) is a heavily forested country, filled with flora aplenty. Phys is to the north of Na'terra, and it currently has 2 cities- Gauthidan and Eli'maris.



Known as Phys' capital city, Gauthidan is a largescale city the size of Dallas-Fort Worth. It is a heavily medieval inspired metropolis, however there are no gas stations, making all forms of travel either 'on foot' or 'by horse-driven cab'. Gauthidan is home to many centers of entertainment and magazines, including a porno magazine of males of different fantasy-oriented species. A small cluster of buildings within Gauthidan follow the medival castle structure, and most of the people living within dress much like medieval people with tabards, tunics and dresses of the time period.



A small village very near the edge of Phys, Eli'maris is home to several art oriented institutions as well as the famous Rainbow Futures school, a 'college for lower levels of education' establishment. The mayor of Eli'maris is a Art Spirit who goes by the name of Gren (True Green). Eli'maris is also home to Sapphy's Estate, a group of houses home to Sapphy and his closest friends, which lie on the very edge of the outskirts of Eli'maris, which also serve as Phys' border to the sea. Eli'maris is much smaller than Gauthidan, despite the efforts of expansion to increase it's size. It too, doesn't have any gas stations, however the establishments are close enough to eachother to avoid leg strain. Eli'maris doesn't adhere to a theme, unlike Gauthidan.