Mana Familiars

By: Sapphy
At: 31.03.2016 16:00 (originally at: 01.02.2016 23:46)

Mana Familiars: What Are They?

Mana Familiars are liquid mana that is crystallized and given sentience and life one of two ways: 1- they are born via the questions of those who bathe in the Mana Pool found in the Mana Dimension; 2- they are born in a relationship between a Mana Guardian and a mortal being, albeit this relationship rarely provides a Mana Familiar unless mana is transplanted into the fetus before birth.Most Mana Familiars are given to magidragons when they become old enough, as part of the 'coming of age' ceremony held in their honor.


Ligiuar Mikaru-Nijillis

Owner: Nijiraios Mikaru-Nijillis

Classification: Greater Prismic

Wardrobe Choice: A long tunic with a sheer loincloth and choker/anklets

Personality: Kind / Obidient / Shy

Preferred Gender: Male Hermaphrodite or Cuntboy

Hair Color: Brown (Coppery chocolate)

Hair Style and Length: Wavy, knee length (is in the process of growing it out)

Eye Color: Green ( Emerald )

Special Features: 3 pairs of wings, hair has hot pink lace and gold satin braided into it


Owner: Phoel'riza

Classification: Greater Red

Wardrobe Choice: Fire motifed robes

Personality: Calm / Rarely speaks

Preferred Gender: Male

Hair Color: Red (Blood red)

Hair Style and Length: Straight ponytail, heel length

Eye Color: Red

Special Features: Tongue actually has a ruby on it