Theya's Storyline

By: Moonlight
At: 04.01.2015 05:51

Theya's Storyline so far!


Highgate: A bustling city with many forms and faces dwelling within its secure walls. The city itself sat against the face of a mountain close to the coast, meaning that trade there was almost never hurting. Theya has finally reached this haven for adventurers, new and experienced. While this vixen is a bit new to adventuring herself, she is skilled and able. Theya enters through the massive gates to this glorious city, and is almost overwhelmed by the sights inside. Pulling the hood of her cloak over her head, she pushed on through the crowds of furs, humanoids and scaled townsfolk. The vixen was unsure as to where precisely to go, reading the signs of the stores and marketplaces. Vendors of all kinds called out, claiming their wares were the best around at the lowest prices. Theya was more concerned on finding somewhere quieter for her to think, or some place she could find work. The vixen began asking around, particularly those looking as if they belonged to a clan of warriors of some sort. The city guard she believed it was? what an odd name. One of the members was kind enough to point her in the right direction, towards the adventurers guild. Things seemed to get a bit quieter as she followed the directions given to her.

Upon reaching the adventurers guild, she was awe stricken by the size of the place, it looked immaculate, the head of this place certainly must have been a strong and powerful being. Entering the courtyard of the guild, she saw many warriors training and sparring, others dueling on a platform made of wood with others gathered around, cheering for whichever fighter they favored. Theya reached the front doors of the guild when she was stopped by a large wolf man. "Halt, you expect that you can just waltz right into the guild here newbie? I haven't seen you around before, so I'll assume you are new in town." The wolf looked her over as she pulled back her hood. "You should go turn right back around missy, a pretty face like yours belongs working the tavern, or better yet, in the brothel sucking cock and getting plowed in all yer holes." The wolf taunted, bursting out with laughter. Theya glared at the wolf with a defiant stare, he was much taller than her and didn't take to kindly to her glaring at him so. "Defiant bitch!" The wolf raised his fist and swung at her. Theya easily side-stepped the slow punch, but what really surprised the wolf was when he ended up landing upside down on his back on the ground. "I'd rather not fight unless i had to, or gold is involved." Theya said in a calm, level voice. This had caught the attention of most of the warriors in the yard, as most of them weren't even a good match against the gatekeeper. Some of them snickered and laughed as the wolf was easily tossed by a woman. Others scowled at Theya, thinking that the nerve she had to simply walk in here and gain entry.


The wolf growled as he got to his feet, drawing his large curved sword. He pointed to the middle of the yard. "You asked for it bitch, I'll put you in your place." Theya sighed, not really wanting conflict as soon as she got here, but if it couldn't be helped, then she would have to fight him. Theya walked to the middle of the yard accepting the wolfs challenge. Theya pulled off her cloak and tossed it aside. Most of the men in the yard whistled and howled at her almost nude body. There were a few women in the yard that glared spitefully at her, but cheered for her anyways, because that wolf needed to be taken down a peg or two. "Well, well, a pretty face and a busty body... alright, here are the terms of our fight here. You win, I let you inside. You lose...well...You'll become my little breeding bitch!" The wolf licked his chops. Theya readied her shield and placed a hand on the grip of her blade. Drawing her sword, fire bursts out from its sheath, her blade glowing a fiery orange. Some of the crowd gathered stepped back for fear of the fires burn. The wolf himself seem a bit shaken. Not many beginning warriors could or would even know how to get a hold of a flame enchanted weapon.


Theya held her guard in a defensive stance, waiting for the wolf to make the first move. She watched his stance, analyzing his footing... He was going to charge her. The wolf did exactly as she anticipated and rushed her. Instead of blocking the heavy strike, she met his sword with hers, shifting her blade and deflecting his attack, whirling around to his right and bashing him with her shield. Theya jumped back, spacing herself away from her foe before he could counter attack. The crowd remained fairly quiet, surprised at how fast she could move. She raised her sword as he turned to face her, the blade shined brightly as she readied her strike. The wolf rushed her again, swinging with greater force this time, but it was to late. What seemed like a flash of speed, Theya appeared behind the wolf with what looked like her single strike. The wolfs sword was cut in two, his armor fell down in pieces. The wolf stood there, looking at his weapon with a stunned stare on his face. "Now if we're done here. I would like to go inside." Theya said, sheathing her sword and walking towards the door. Apparently the fight had drawn the attention of some of the more experienced members of the guild.


The wolf turned, snarling with rage in his eyes he roared charging at her for one final strike. "YOU BITCH!!!" As the wolf reached within striking distance he stopped, short of his strike. "Gate keeper! You would sully our guild with striking an opponent whom not only defeated you, but did so without a scratch. You're weapon was broken, you have been beaten, and if she weren't holding back, she would have cut you down. To strike a duel opponent out of spite after losing is shameful. Pick up your belongings and bring them to our smith. Then you can think about your actions today. This outrage will be reported to the guildmaster." A tall yet slender female lizan growled, scolding the wolf. He turned to Theya with a smile, pushing open the doors to the guild. "Welcome to the Highgate Adventurers Guild. Your skill set will be a most welcome addition to our ranks." The two carried on a conversation for some time, and the subject of lodging and work came up. The lizan woman offered her to work the bar counter in exchange for lodging at the guild, and pointed out the quest board for the advanced members that were allowed inside the literal building. The woman also pinned a small crest to the strap above her chest, making her an official member of the guild.

I hope you enjoyed the read!