History of Theya

By: Moonlight
At: 04.01.2015 05:37 (originally at: 04.01.2015 05:36)

Theya, a young vixen was raised as a warrior in her tribe. She was trained in the art of the sword since she could hold one. Her parents were felled in combat on a raid, which turned out to be an ambush. Theya was sorely struck with the news of her parents; however this did not stop her from training, in fact, this drove her on even more. Her father being the tribes chieftain, Theya was next in line to take control and lead their tribe. Theya was challenged by many others, male and female in her tribe. However, Theya's gift with the blade left her nearly untouchable. Her swift footwork combined with her lightning fast strikes made her a force to be reckoned with on her own. Theya lead her tribe across the lands, keeping them alive and trying to keep them in higher spirits.

Then tragedy struck. Theya was returning home with a small hunting party after gathering food and hunting game. Upon nearing their encampment, Theya began to smell smoke, not from a campfire either. The vixen bolted through the trees, reaching the edges of her tribes home. She collapsed down to her knees when her eyes laid upon the body of a small child. Looking around the camp, it was torched, bodies littered the ground, men, women, children, even the horses and mounts had been slain. The group that had accompanied her on the hunting trip could not bare to see the horrid sight, they looked to their leader whom they once held their faith in, on the ground, weeping over this dead child. They lost faith in their leader, no longer believing she could keep them safe, or lead them. They left her to herself, and she never heard from them again...

Theya was wrecked with grief and anger, her people were gone, those who were left abandoned her. she had no choice but set out on her own, after scavenging what she could from the remains of the camp she prepared herself to leave and travel alone until she found another place, another tribe to call her own. The gods seemed to weep with her that day, as the rain extinguished the flames. Through the rain, she heard a voice calling out to her, though from where she could not be sure. The voice pulled her towards a hidden cavern that was not too far off. She ventured into the cave, sword and shield at the ready, unaware of the twist of fate that awaited her.

She reached the very depths of the cavern into an enormous chamber in what appeared to be a ruined temple. The voice told her to walk to the center of the chamber and pick up the blade. She did what the voice had told her, reaching the center of the room. There on a pedestal, was a sheathed sword that looked as if it were fresh from a forge. The vixen picked up the sword, drawing the blade from its sheath. The blade burst into flames, a fire covering the entirety of the blade. As she held the blade up the voice spoke to her once again. "This is the sword of the eternal flame, it is yours now, for you have been chosen to change this world. Now receive the power of the eternal flame, may the fire be your guiding light." The circle around the pedestal erupted into a vortex of fire, engulfing the vixen in its inferno. The flames that engulfed her did not burn, they didn't even feel hot for that matter. The flames soon subsided, and Theya still stood, strangely feeling no different than before, except that fire no longer harmed her, as if she was immune to its burn. Upon further inspection, her clothes were gone, now replaced with barely anything at all. It didn't take her too long after trying to cover herself to realize that clothing would become almost unbearable for the vixen to wear, not even the simplest of garments would her body allow her to wear.

Years passed and Theya continued traveling the lands, still unsure what the voice meant by her being chosen to change this world. Eventually Theya found work as a monster hunter, making quite the living doing so too. Though every so often she would get in over her head, but she would always make it out alive, somehow...