By: Razz_Featherwing
At: 28.08.2014 02:09

Lost in life
With nowhere to turn.
Striving forward
With nothing to burn.
Anger fills the heart aflair
Burning the life that has it.
Slowly it fills until it breaks
Like a bottle smashed upon the ground.
Anger, hatred is released
Its target, anything near.
Like a Juggernaut, unstoppable.
Gained momentum is never lost.
Steadily increasing, destruction follows.
All now know the pain I held.
Self-destructive, containable?
Control is not an option.
Others suffer; I feel glee, 
Almost saying, “No one knows the pain inside me.”
Rage builds, strength builds,
Hope is lost, life is lost.
The Juggernaut strives forward,
Destroying all before it.
Hopeless, lifeless,
One is left.
I am it, it is me,
The Juggernaut stands before thee.