The Legendary Seven

By: 13wingvamp
At: 26.08.2014 05:38 (originally at: 13.08.2014 23:30)

          have you ever heard of the story of the sword in the stone? played ocarina of time? 

would you belive me if i told you there was another example of a sword buryed in a stone pedestal?

what if i told you there was seven?


         in a mystrious realm seperate from the 12 dimentions. there exists a circle of these pedistals. each with a differant

type of swords whos designs all have almost nothing in common...except all 7 of these were once owned by a remarkable person

who at some point in history changed the world for better! or worse... and their existance erased from records by the gods.


        As in simalar storys. each sword my only be uprooted from its home by the one chosen by the sword, and only if the diety in charge

leads you to this forgotten realm. Each sword is of a differant type simalary to those used on Earth at one time or another. Katana, a massive

2 handed sword, a Zweihander, something that can only be described as a whip sword. a flamberge, a rapier and a Dadao

all of these seem that one would say they were created by the gods. primarlay as not only are they picky of there owners but, they are

absolutly indestructable and non degradable. they allways appear as brand new.<br>


       **four swords have currently been identifyed. 

the Red Blood katana. a japanese style sword that seems to secret blood from the blade that can absorb blood from others magicly and a some what vampire fasion as well as control it to form liquid or soild shapes.

the black rose sword, the massive two hander. with strange powers to create briar thorns 

the Sliver unicorns bane. which is generates electricty as it is used during battle.
the fusion form Flamberage. with the combined powers of fire and ice with the abilitys to split apart into two smaller dagger weaponscalled Kris

this peice really has very little to do with the book Cinnihime Orgin Series and iits basicly to tell what it does.

** this part will be edited later when i acutally created concept art for the others