Recent characters

Owner: Sapphy
Name: Mivrek
Species: Haxorus
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

Owner: Ingwie
Name: Arashia Seniji
Species: Dragon
Sex: Shemale
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: Revin
Name: Mahgenta
Species: Dragonborne
Sex: Female
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: Alesaeuiesuia
Name: Alesaeuiesuia
Species: Althrukran
Sex: Herm
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Hokoronduvax
Name: Hokoronduvax
Species: Dragon (feral/anthro
Sex: Male
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Coventore
Name: The Covenant
Species: Covenant
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Al'kir Darkscale
Species: Argonian
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Ashe Vignar
Species: Western Dragon
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Seyrin
Species: Western Derg
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: SapphireSmith9
Name: Martyn Kernighan
Species: Cyborg Dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

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14.05.2013 23:08

Hey all, Solidus here. Just wanted to let you know I AM NOW TAKING OVER, not really.....still working on that evil master-plan......

Anyway! I figure that being a moderator and such that I'd host an event, so here it is! I'd like to schedule this for Wednesday, May 15 at roughly 5:30 PM EST. The theme, is video game characters! I figure that this should help people make new characters if they want, and a fun night of goofing off and random shenanigans. Of course.....smexy time might happen as well..... :O The event details are as follows:

  • Every attendee that wants to participate shall make a BRAND NEW character from a video game.
  • Main characters aren't required, but would probably help with identifying yourself to the game.
  • Pictures aren't mandatory, but STRONGLY suggested.

Depending on how this event goes, maybe I'll think of other ideas for events and such. Any questions, feel free to hit me up on chat or on Skype!

Oh, and in case anyone THINKS they know which character I'm're in for a surprise. ^.=.~ But if you can guess it.....I'll give you a prize! : O So come on in for the event and enjoy a night of tom-foolery!

Snake, signing out.

17.05.2013 22:29

Thanks to Taala, we now have our OWN icon and banner that I proudly uploaded to FB and this site. Taala is now offically a VIP as well.

I have made a Facebook page about the inn and you are welcome to like it. I will most likely use it to inform about updates, or possible server maintenance. In fact, I am seeking to move servers soon, which means we will have a downtime of at least 10h some day. But I will warn you when this is about to happen.

I also have settled on my plans for BIRD 3. User profiles will be way nicer and better. The character module will learn families, clans and forms. Characters and user profiles can be hidden from the public, and so on.

I wish you all the best peeps - and if you have suggestions, lemme know.

26.04.2013 22:51

Hello guys.

I am still receiving e-mails regarding the moderator position. Thing is, we just recently chose SolidusSnake as a moderator - who kindly went typo-hunting on my blog posts - and it will take a while until we get together and look for a new moderator again. But rest assured - if the site keeps growing, we will surely need new moderators.

Regards, Ingwie.

PS: I'll post a blog entry again when we're looking for one~ :)

14.04.2013 16:36

I have probably said this over and over - but keep it in mind if you are about to invite somebody to the site. We don't support Microsoft's Internet Explorer! This is due to me not having Windows to debug the stuff here. The site itself will work, but the chat won't. Please use Firefox, Chrome, Safari or anything that is eighter WebKit or Mozilla based. You can try out if you are unsure...but Internet Explorer won't work for sure.

14.04.2013 16:37

...and the result is a headache, and another headache, a new moderator, a rule agreement, some ToS and some code fixes I am applying now.

The new moderator is SolidusSnake. Welcome snakey!

Updates are going to be rolling in the next few hours and days...I am being a workaholic again. :3

Regards, Ingwie.

14.04.2013 16:40

Hey everyone, hope you've had a nice stay at the hotel so far! :p

Today's blog post will be all about the new people and some help that I need...really badly. For one, I want to say HAPPY WELCOME to all the new people and wish them a pleasant stay - if anybody has questions, please ask.

As this site used to be small before, I never typed up rules. However, I'd like to introduce the main rules that have been around here for ages. More precise rules will follow at another time.

  • Keep drama private! If you need to talk about problems or something - use whispers or private channels. If my mods report annoying drama, and I can confirm that from the chat logs, the starter and joiner of the drama spreading will get a warning. To warnings, later.
  • Be polite, please... Be as polite as you want others to be polite to you. You can always ask a moderator or myself if you need help.
  • There ARE other things than yiff. If you need to yiff, try to keep it out of the lobby, in whispers or something. We don't mind yiff at the lobby at all, but i think not every single cum-shot has to be public, does it? ;)

About reporting a problem to me: First on, I check my emails daily. If you need to send me something, direct it at - I will soon have a Dragon's Inn based address. However, when you send me an email, put your username into the subject line so I can determine who sent the message. Be as detailed as you can - like if you report an annoying amount of drama, or arguing, then tell me when it was approximately and in which room if it wasn't in the lobby (I can also read private channels, so if it was in one, let me know).

And now to the things I need help with. I need moderators! IF you want to be one, then send me an email. In this email, I would like the following things.

  1. Why would you like to be a moderator?
  2. What makes you a "good" moderator?
  3. How do you think you will be contributing to the site?

Again, put your username into the email-subject so I know exactly who you are.

Now, that's enough out of me for now. Imma' wish you a good day and a good time. Peace out!


14.04.2013 16:46


Yes, this is a fancy new feature we can all use now...we can write Essays!

Feel like the old school days, and write things down. Just, that those things might not be "that" stupid; in fact...if you are describing YOUR stuff, that is kinda cool.

What essays can do:

  • Write down a towl, place, species, or whatever that you have made yourself!
  • There is NO limitation. Use a WYSING (word-like) editor, or use plain HTML.
  • Use images. Yes, it currently isn't implemented yet, but it will come during the next few days!
  • The whole page is yours - MAKE it yours!
  • You have a full page of Dragon's Inn you can design yourself. So yeah, go ahead and do something... ^^

An example has already been posted on the site. A few things are missing (automatic chat-bot messages, image uploader) but these will be added during the next few days. As always, if you find a bug, REPORT IT :)

Regards, Ingwie!

Current ToDo List:

  • Fix the session issue in the chat
  • Fix the character images, images not appearing at first.
  • Finish Essay-uploader.
  • Finalize Dragon's Inn's own file uploader.

In fact, not much on there anymore! ;)

14.04.2013 16:48

I have become a workaholic again and modified the chat alot.

  • Characters are selectable IN the chat!
  • Character genders visually divided by colors. Doesn't affect sidebar, the role-colors will be still shown
  • Direct link to the current character via the [!] sign.
  • BBcode in names - allows you to color your name, and use formatting and emoticons.
  • Speed 40ms x3
  • Nicknames now supported in all character scenarios - will be used when selecting the character in the chat.
  • New front-page (obvious?)
  • Updated character picture uploader's (Cpic-Uploader) source code - more stable and reliable now
  • Included a tiny uploader, will be more public later. You may ask for the link (preventing bots from spamming it with files)

If you have any suggestion, go ahead and let me know! :)

14.04.2013 16:50

Ever wrote a relationship but didn't know how to reference to that char in the blink of an eye? Well it's easy!

Let's take Mo as an example. If I wanted to add a new pet, I would add a list entry, with the name of the new pet in bold, to the current list. Since I use HTML to realize this, it'd look like this:

<li><b>Name</b>: Description and where he was discovered.</li>

Easy-peasy, hm? :) Well, sometimes, I would like to add a link into the name. To do this, I open the link of the other character profile and read it:
See the bold number? Yes, that is what is called the Character Identifier (cID). Now, we can totally use this method in our own stuff. Let's link to this character. Therefore we use HTML's anchors, the href="" attribute is the important part in this.

<li><b><a href="/char/222">Name</a></b>: Description and where he was discovered.</li>

The /char/222 tells the link to point to that other char with the cID of 222 - that simple.

Now that you know that, have fun trying, and happy linking :D. PS: The further changes to this site will involve automatic linking. ;)

14.04.2013 16:51

So, since the method of moving around the original files seems to have failed recently on some profiles, and since I saw a way easier method, I will probably use that method instead.

Once I am done developing that new uploader and have finalized a conversion script to keep the characters with their current images I will post a note to the site. Don't worry, I will code this fail-safe and hump my local database until it works XD.

In the meantime, I will try and find a soft-fix for what is going wrong as of right now. Stay tuned! :)