Ketha Ki'tami Ketha

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Basic Details

Species: Eastern Dragon
Sex: Female
Orientation: Omnisexual
Birthday: 2498-07-23
Place of birth: A Forest Realm


Height: Normal Form=About 55' Anthro Form=6'
Weight: Normal Form=Unknown Anthro Form=At least 150 lbs



She's the Dragon Goddess of Earth and Fertility

Additional description

Ketha is actually part tree, and was like this when she was born. She has long silver hair with some cream colored parts and leaves, a set of antlers, three pairs of legs (the back ones are covered in bark), and a long body with scales of many colors of nature. Her wings and the tip of her tail also is covered with tree bark. She can casts spells as she always carries around a spellbook. These spells can either cause harm or heal. She was given the power to turn herself into an Anthropomorphic Form. Her ears are visible in this form and has more of a feminine body.




She was first in a small relationship with Arakay, an Eastern Fire Dragon, but the two broke off and are now just friends. She is now in a close relationship with Cerephar.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive

Ketha in her Anthro Form

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