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Basic Details

Species: Floral Dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Omnisexual
Birthday: 1995-02-21
Place of birth: Kingdom of New Vveyuriina


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye color: Dark Jade Green
Eye style: Draconic
Hair color: Light Brown
Hair style: Long, with four braids
Hair length: About knee length


Makeup: Sometimes uses masquera and eyeliner
Clothing: Varies, but most common attire is: A cream sweater with light blue stripes, a magenta cravat, light sky blue jeans, and a choice of undies.
Additional appearance details: He likes to decorate his hair, which results in him having four braids and two feather hairclips. He also has a Spring Green flower over his ear, which contains the magic to turn him into an Art Spirit. Typically is also seen wearing a floral garland when


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Born in one of the worst sections of Old Vveyuriina, a kingdom that at first completely despised colors other than gray, the dragon child stood out with his glowy-green scale color. Upon being caught with colors by the Noble authority, he was stood to be executed by the evil King's orders. Fortunately though, the civilians of the kingdom revolted and tried their best to hold off the forces just enough for the dragon child, along with some other children forced to be executed,to run away for sanctuary. The child somehow was left behind by the children as they went for shelter in a nearby forest after days of walking. During a cold night, an elder couple was searching for their home after getting lost earlier that day, only then to hear the crying of a young dragon. They found the dragon child wrapped in sheets that had a marking on the outer part that translated to 'YD'. For most of YD's life he was raised by this couple, them naming him those simple two letters.

Now at an older age, YD managed to kill off the hate and gray in Vveyuriina and replaced it with love and vibrant colors. He soon was crowned into the royal family after marrying the king's son, Syin. YD currently has several homes: His first being the castle in Vveyuriina, the second being Sapphy's Estate, and the third being a mansion where his true Mother and Father live on the Blue-colored Art Spirit planet. YD is also an Art Spirt, Spring Green, as well as now the carrier of one of Ceinios's children: Viridius, Lord of Flora and Growth.

Additional description

Visual Features~ YD is a Spring Green scale-colored dragon with long, burnt ochre (aka light brown) colored hair. He was feathery wings with razor-sharp ends along with a Sickle-shaped and violet-tipped tail.

Magic~ His magic is all based on the Earth element; however, most of his abilities are not available to him if not in such forms like Viridus. The most common things he can do as his normal self mainly includes levitating items and creating vortexes. Going on the sexual turn, it was noticed and tested that his own seed, in fact, can be used to speed up the growth of plants as well as making them healthy! This would explain why he would be seen doing such naughty stuff in the gardens.


Floral Things~ YD has a complete love for all kinds of plantlife. He has made it to having multiple gardens where he likes to do such actions like meditating or such naughty things. He even has his own 'Plantepedia' in which he records all the kinds of floral, and even has a ship made entirely of floral too!

Long Hair~ This dragon has been exposed to the fetish of long hair and to this day has been with his. Mainly, he's really into the thickness of hair and braids. He even grew his hair out to be knee-length and braided some of it as well. YD also has a Megane-fetish (Glasses) which sometimes falls under this category too. If he sees anyone with some long hair and a pair of glasses, like Shii, he'll REALLY be turned on...

Art~ He also has major loving for rainbow colors in art. Just like how New Vveyuriina looks now, he likes the art he makes very much vibrant and colorful.



Luryn Silnun~ His first mate, the two in an open relationship, and having many Fae Draggie kids togethers Prince Syin Leigi-Satherjar~ His second mate, also an open relationship. YD became the second prince of Vvyuriina upon marrying Syin.

He has quite a few children, including those with his mates, like Liddy and Cephy, and some he adopted, including Mystia.

Cyan~ Father
Fae~ Mother
Midi and Heidi~ Twin Sisters
Mimi~ Little Brother

Shii~ His little Neko maid who follows him around usually, doing the job of a maid at the Estate, Castle, or Mansion.
Nagi, Jacquces, and Varzinu Youma~ Three Greninjas from the Youma Clan now loving pets to this dragon.
Junxius~ A shy yet frisky Blaziken that loves to warm others up (pun sort of intended)
Zilyeh and Mary~ Two frisky Zoroarks that like to tease their Master.
Nuzian, Uggi, and Ruggi~ Several Earth-related Creatures that pleases YD's love for nature and floral.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive
Additional adult description: When it comes to sex, he goes either way (mostly bottom). Because of his fetish for long hair, he likes to give and receive hairjobs to/from others.

YD receiving some Oral love, Art by dragonartw~ (

YD holding his sword, Art by Aurenize~

YD in his mostly Up-to-Date form, Art by Me, 2014

Gift Art from xXTime-FreezerXx on DA, her art skills never fail to impress me~ ((

YD in the form of a phoenix

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