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Basic Details

Species: Robotic Dragoness
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: Doesn't remember


Height: At least 6ft
Weight: 230lbs



Arcenia is a robotic dragoness. She has the same soft skin/scales of a dragon, however she has certain parts of her that are robotic in nature, such as her eyes. Instead of the usual eyes she's got a visor. More info to come if you speak with her.

NOTE: As a robotic dragoness she is unique in that she can eat and drink, but these are merely to keep her from being hungry or thirsty. She runs off a charge, something that she is not capable of refilling herself, and can be only be told if she mentions it to you, if you're specially linked with her and can see her charge meter, or if it's real low (or empty) you can smell it on her, it makes her smell like a dragoness in heat when low enough or empty. If you're close enough to her you can just peek at her genitals, but she's not going to let any random stranger do that unless extremely in need of a charge.

Thanks to Reiko's assistance she has a cloth covering her folds. Don't expect her to remove this cloth, or even smell like she's in heat while it's in place, unless she desperately seeks a recharge.
Arcenia is currently pregnant, carrying Reiko's child.



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