Mango Moonwater

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Basic Details

Species: Fennec
Sex: Female
Orientation: Pansexual
Place of birth: Unknown


Height: 4'9"
Weight: 82lbs



Mango Moonwater was born into a middle-class family and she was the only child. She had loving parents and was infatuated with magic, despite her inability to do so... until she met Ruby. After she met Ruby, who is an angel, she was gifted with the ability to copy other people's magic (given that she is around them for long enough). The rest of her story will be revealed in rps.


Candy, attention, food, video games, reading, snuggles, hugs, being petted, kisses, and movies.


Spiders, politics, needles, crowds, boats, thunder, heights, being ignored and being made fun of for being short.

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