Kevin Deltaz Kev, The Merc, Goofball

Category: English | Position: Main | Owned by: Kevdeltaz

Basic Details

Species: Synx, Evolved
Sex: Male
Orientation: Straight
Place of birth: Rhul


Height: 6'8
Weight: 135 Lbs
Eye color: Blue
Eye style: Synx
Hair color: Whit
Hair style: Simple
Hair length: Short


Makeup: None
Clothing: Heavy tan armor or Engineer uniform


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Chaotic
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Kevin was found by the Dwarvin folk of the nation of Rhul. At first they believed him to be a monster but as he was just a small infinat, a young woman took pity on the small thing. He grew up in Clan Jack Wrench and by the age of sixteen began to work as an engineer on the Steamjacks of the area. As his skill improved, he began to work on his own from a Rhul Messanger jack chasie. After he finished and brought it's fire box alive, something happened, the Jack sprang to life and acted as a independent from his control. He leaned a soul entered the cortex and gave it life. He smiled and named it Jack and it seemed to be happy. After he reached there age of 18, him and Jack began their mercenary work. Jack using a Stubber machine gun worked the mid range and Kevin used his custom Cannon rifle for long range and heavy attacks. During one mission, they went to a old temple and found a odd little Lantern, when he turned it on, a small machine flew therw. It stated it's designation as 51M-0N or Simon. With it followed the Engineer Uniform of Talos 1 and equipment. Kevin excited by this equipped the gear and chose to use it only in his workshop as a Engineer work and chose to keep Simon who happily works along side him. Still Jack and Simon fight but He is good at keeping them controlled.

Additional description

Unlike the feral Synx, Kevin's Evolved race has a flexible bone structure, two hearts, thinner blood, shorter necks, can be in sunlight, decayed meat is toxic, have the numbing and cutting agents in their claws, a gender, can eat cooked meats and veggies, and heighten intelligence. His personality is happy and kind but can become serious, dangerous and stern when in action.


His little robot buddies, tinkering with machines, training with his rifle, alchemy, exploring new places, working with friends, the arcane arts, defending citizens and discovering new machines.


Breaking tools, doing contracts that puts him into wars vs nations, dealing with the Undead, Infernal Worshipers, slavers, people who hurt kids.


Clan family and mercernary companions and his Jack and robot.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: He has a average stong build as he uses heavy armor and rifle and is a Engineer.

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