Tethys Fey’ithamael Tethys

Category: English | Position: Casual | Owned by: Dusty

Basic Details

Species: Space Clan Dijirin
Sex: Cuntboi
Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 5'8
Weight: 145 lbs



Nonsexual details: Age: 16 human years Fur: Orange primary body, white secondary body, red fingers and toes Flesh: Purple Hair: White (Color) / A foot after touching the floor (Length) Wavy, frizzed at random intervals (Style) Eyes: Red (Color) / Human (Style) Clothes: Golden tribal cuff necklace, bridal gloves made of seed beads (changes color depending on Tethys’ outfit), a tribal leather halter top, leather loincloth Personality: Giddy, hyperactive, extremely derpy and flirty (when not in heat) Slutty, gangbang-needy (when in heat) Quirks: Speaks in third person, loves to draw when bored (has a special crayon and soft pastel to facilitate that), talks in a voice younger than their own, acts younger than they are Fears: Iatrophobia (doctors), Keraunophobia (thunder and/or lightning)

Additional description

Sexual details: # of Wombs: 3 # of Fallopian Tubes / Ovaries: 6


Nonsexual: Crayons / soft pastels, Metis (his plushie dragon), taffy, cotton candy, non-chocolate Tootsie Rolls, bubblegum, people brushing or playing around with his hair, makeup Sexual: Impregnation, foodplay, facials, Metis (if he’s alone, since Metis is a plushie with a orgasm-capable shaft), hairjobs, hairplay, blueballing, sizeplay (both genitalia and body wise), ageplay (LOVES older men)


Nonsexual: Syringes, pessimists Sexual: Bloodplay, watersports, scat


Doesn't know many people as of yet.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive

Sergal form. Artist unknown (from found source)

Human form. Artist: Niu Illuminator

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