Vilde The Pirate Rogue Vilde Skygge

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Basic Details

Species: Danian
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay
Place of birth: Damidove Town


Height: 6'1
Eye color: Cyan
Hair color: Blonde
Hair style: Spikey
Hair length: Short


Makeup: None
Clothing: No shirt, blue head bandana with a black skull on it, blue-grey tattered shorts with a red wais ribbon tied around it


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Darkness' being
Status: Good



He was raised in Damidove Village in the orphanage, completely unknown of who his parents are. When he was young, he always loved pretending to be a pirate, as well as hearing about pirate stories. He was given to the Damidove Orphanage when he was but an infant, and since then, he's been raised well, but not given much respect by others for being different, and when he turned the age of 8, the orphanage was shut down due to the Supreme Court claiming the the orphanage due to some unknown rich person buying the thing out, and soon everyone was on their own. Vilde knew of everything and felt betrayed by the Court, but not by everyone around him, so he led a life of thievery, stealing mainly from places that were top ranked by the Supreme Court, and due to his supernatural abilities of superhuman strength, skills, and jumping, he developed through his life without the orphanage, he always made sure to leave the scene, leaving no hints of how he escaped at all. He also sometimes steal from markets like some delinquents does, and purposely lets other see him just for the joy of it. Vilde was definitely the mischievous type who liked to play and fool around, never passing up a challenge. He also did a good job of getting well known as a trickster and sometimes offer food to the poor, and then people liked him, people hated him, also most of the village felt they were being treated unfairly by the Supreme Court, so no one really hated him that much, some even realized that he was the one who pillaged supplies from top ranked places, which earned him the title of "Rogue of Damidove". Although, he still has dreams that always has a certain letter pop up, leaving that very letter in his head. "D" was the letter so far... Also during his life, he's also believed that the superhuman abilities he had was due to some sort of power he was born with, although he never figured out what that power was, he believed it was the power that enabled his superhuman abilities, and that power is related to the letters that appear in his dreams.


Marine Creatures, Water, Adventuring, Having Fun, Swimming, Joking Around, Sex, Being around watery areas, Friends, Drinking, Unique Abilities, Unique People


Jerks, Backstabbers, Traitors, Subzero Temperature, Supreme Court, Cowards with no honor, Hardcore Criminals, Seeing people hurt, People who are evil, Misuse of powers for evil


Close friends with Mace Brinek:


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive
Additional adult description: Kinks: Vanilla, Tough Love, Body Worship, Dirty Talking, Hickeys, Supposedly Pseudo Rape (Or Surprise Sex), Slight Bondage, Musk, Muscular Partners, Anal (Receiving) since he is always submissive, maybe Biting, Romance, Domination/Submission, Taller Partners, Muscular Partners, Older Partners, Bara Partners, Kidnap/Capture, Multiple Orgasms, Teasing, French Kissing, Mach-Fuck(Meaning fucking at a super-rapid fast pace), Missionary Position(Where he's at his most submissive, he denies it, but it's a Mega Fave), Intense Heat, Marine Creatures, Demons, Hybrids, Reptiles, Bovines, Felines, Canines, Insects, Humans (Preferably Bara), Probably Evil Partners, Pirates, Thugs

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