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Basic Details

Species: Human
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual


Height: 1,75m
Weight: 52kg
Eye color: Black
Eye style: Humanic
Hair color: Depends on form. White in normal, silver or gold when depending on the moon
Hair style: Wide
Hair length: Hips and a lil longer


Clothing: She only wears a very long and black jacket.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



The moon is what had guided the whole evolution, in all those years, while it went thru glory, and went thru failure. It's light was, what had kept the world in light, although the amount of darkness had increased. But still, the moon was shining - sometimes brither, sometimes darker. If it hadn't been, or hadn't existed, one half of a planet would always have gone thru nightmares - nightmares, unimaginable and indescribable. But the moon shines, to lead you a way to what you seek, to guide you while it's dark, and to show you the world in a different color. Be friendly to the moon, and it will be to you.

A goddes, that is said to have been created out of the moon's light and its initial magic. This goddes is different from all the goddes'es that exist as of todays knowledge. In fact, she is the most unique one that might have ever been born. Nobody knows, how, where, when or IF she was born. But it is known, that her only will, is to help and delight people. She is fearless, whatever may come. Even if the darkest of demons would appear infront of her - she would bow, be polite, and spea in the softest of her tone. She truely is not like most woman are. Moon is unique, with every strain of hair that she has, and with every breath she takes.

As a goddess, her element is the same as her name. She can control the moon, change a part of its gravity, and see, where it is. She mainly appears in the moonlight, since she can be everywhere, where the moon is shining. So when the sky is cloudy, she may not be able to reach those areas, since it is impossible for her to see where she would land - an ocean, a fire, or right into a danger more than what has been listed before? But this is not all she can do. She can become the moon's real spirit.
Beings that had traveled to the moon, didn't notice her. But she was watching them, and was hiding things that she didn't want to give away for free. She knows the true beauty of the moon, and she is yet the only one that can take influence in this case. As long as she is the moon's spirit, she can look at those that walk thru its light, and have the light become a little brighter around them, to guide them.

Legends say, that her parents aren't anymore. Moon is all on her own. There is not much known about her past - people mostly don'teven know about her presence. She is a talent in hiding herself and presence, disappearing and appearing at the right times, and for the most, she is very careful where and when she appears or disappears.

Moon usually doesn't wear footwear, and yet only a long black coat. Nobody really knows if she ahs anything below it though. Nobody even knows which fabrics were used in her coat - and if she ever wore anything else. Her long hair is alway silky, and when she becomes the moon's spirit, and appears somewhere, her hair changes depending on the moon's state. The fuller it is, the more golden her hair is. The less full it is, the more silver is her hair. If she isn't the moon's spirit, her hair is pale white. It reaches her hips, and people tend to belive that it is what keeps her warm for the most time.


She is interested in learning about people, history and anything that doesnt have to do with distruction or disordering the world. She is one who prefers to listen and talk about details rather than going roughly about topics. Let's say if she was having a bedroom fun-time, she would rather talk about how it actually felt to her, instead of asking for more. She likes to enjoy things, to relax, and she takes her time with whatever she does - especially eating. She doesn't drink alcohol, and also no coke or alike. She only loves to drink cold, icy and calm water with flavors of anything like oranges, lemmons, kiwis, etc.


As said in her interests, she doesnt like to do things quick, and she doesnt like to do things rough. Moon is also one of those goddesses that does NOT cuss. Whateve rhappens to her, she won't cuss. She'd rather bow and be polite - and always acts as if she didn't hear the cusswords. But in fact, she doesn't like hearing them to and attempts to leave once upon it becomes too much for her.


She is now mated to Mo - and thus became the misstress of all of his slaves and pets.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive
Additional adult description: No, she is no hooker or whore. But when she does go in bed with somebody, she is fine with really anything.

I got this great piece from RedVernal! I can't remember why though.... o.o;
Art © RedVernal, 2013; Moon was originally owned by Skull Stomper.

Drawn by Idoavine, 2013

Moon and her husband Mo. Drawn by YD, 2015

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