Hayley the Rainbow Phoenix Hayley

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Basic Details

Species: Phoenix
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Birthday: 1993-06-18
Place of birth: World of Phoenixes


Height: 1.79m
Weight: 46kg
Eye color: Cyan
Eye style: Avian
Hair color: Rainbow
Hair style: Long and wavy usually. Very smooth and warm.
Hair length: Goes down to her feet.


Makeup: She doesn't need to wear makeup.
Clothing: Just her feathers.
Additional appearance details: The only things she might wear are a bra and panties, both rainbow colored, but only to hide her arousal.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Neutral
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Hayley was born into the world of phoenixes, although she was an orphan growing up. Her parents had abandoned her and she grew up through foster care, never knowing her parents. This was her entire childhood, up until a few years ago. That was when everything changed.

A few years back, she was finally able to enroll into school. Things went well, she learned the language and she could sing quite well. It was said she had a very noticeable voice when she sung, because she developed it as her passion. However, she wasn't able to pass magic school. Being born as she was, which was very different among the rest, she didn't know where her abilities were. She was able to control fire, naturally, but outside of that.. she didn't know anything about her abilities, nothing of her potential, and so she was mocked for this.

She hadn't chosen to be born as she was. Most of the phoenixes she had seen were solid colors and had some amazing talents. Hayley... she was not like the others. She had hidden potential she didn't know about, and she was born with rainbow feathers. Her eyes were solid colored, but everything else about her was colored like a rainbow.. even her clothing she sometimes wore. It made her life so much different. She couldn't go anywhere without being mocked for her color, or the fact she couldn't pass magic school no matter how hard she tried.

Getting so frustrated with everything she had been through, she left her home.... And after wandering the streets on Earth, she eventually found the Inn. Alone, and certainly without friends, this was the place where she hoped everything would change. She dearly hoped that unless she absolutely had to go, she would not need to return to the World of Phoenixes for a long time...

Additional description

She does not like being reminded of her early life. All the mocking and nonsense she had to put up with has made her see the world differently. She is very cautious around other, and typically well guarding of her history. She will take a while to warm up to people, but give her enough time and she will open up. If you're a phoenix, she'll probably shy away at first since she had so many bad memories involving phoenixes.. but given the time, she'll open up to a phoenix as well.

Hayley is also rather shy, so it may take some coaxing and talking to break her out of her shell when you first meet her.


Fruit punch, the warm sun, the beach, flying around and singing. She also likes warm cuddles, but is shy enough that she doesn't go for this right away.

Adult: While she is shy, she has in fact lost her virginity to Lemeza. However, this was not a one night stand or just for fun. Hayley was in estrus at the time, and this will make her ask for relief. Any other time, she'll be the shy phoenix that she is.


Being mocked for her colors, being told that she is useless without her true potential or abilities, being pointed out as a freak because of her looks compared to another phoenix.

Adult: While she may be rather shy on this subject, she will immediately tell you if she dislikes something.


She's been alone too long in her life to have a mate, and is shy enough to have not sought one out. She's also afraid that nobody would like her after all she's been through.

She has no pets, no master, no slaves.. she doesn't have a desire for any of this.

She considers the Inn as a whole her friends. Kimo, Lance, Sapphy and others are high on her list for having approached her. But she considers everyone equally as a friend for now.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive
Additional adult description:
She's very shy, which is what fuels her submissiveness. She could switch if her partner wanted her to, but otherwise she'd be submissive.

She has CC cup breasts. They are feathery, except for the nipples. And no, she does not like people trying to cop a feel of them.

Arted by YD, thanks so much for this YD!

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