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Basic Details

Species: Spirit Animal
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Omnisexual
Place of birth: Pyuallup Washington


Height: any
Weight: any
Eye color: rainnbow/mood
Eye style: rabbit
Hair color: any
Hair style: any
Hair length: any


Makeup: Native Amrican Tribal Markings
Clothing: none


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Dream Weaver Rabbit the name was first appointed to me March 31st 2014 and i was the first to have been ever called by this name by an Appache Chief in Alabama his twin son and daughter had both took the spirit walk with me and we spent three days in a forest the twins said that the entire time i had slept that a family of rabbits of different breeds would come to me in my tent when i woke the rabbits would stay for about ten to thirty minutes at my side I got to hold many of these animals untill on the last day i was fallowed back to the tribe by an entire colony of them the chief had asked me what I had done i had simply told him I slept and dream I told him about one single white rabbit fallowed by a bunch of darker colored rabbits in a blank and empty plane the white rabbit was running not from me but from the other rabbits in one dream I got to hold the rabbit in another i saw him dieas the other rabbits trampled over it and the last dream I saved the rabbit and all of the other split to go around me and I walked the path the rabbits ran to greener pastures leaving me with this feeling of warmth becaus the white rabbit had been in my arms as we made our way back to the tribe

Additional description

the eyes change color depending on the mood happy=pink sad=blue angry=orange lust=red neglect=white depressed=purple. The spirit has can be male female both or a mixture of both it's size can be any where from a tiny one pound rabbit feral small child like 6 years of age if anthro to giant both feral and anthro two story 21 year old body and every size in between


likes to be exploared and touched in her giant two state as both feral and anthro state and likes to be held it in her tiny feral form and being fed fruits, veggies and other plant life


being neglected getting hit and meat as a feral [unless she is in her anthro form she dose not mind light meats such as fish, chicken and eggs]


Jay Carkhuff's Spirit Animal


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

A painting shaman was working on two days before i came to the tribe camp

The rabbit I had held on the way back to the tribe yes I took this picture

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