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Basic Details

Species: Boomeroid, Mark 8 (Class A)
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: Initial: Data can not be found. Rebirth: In Ceinios's Boomeroid Resuscitation Plant


Eye color: Ice Blue
Eye style: Human
Hair color: Greenish blue, Aqua
Hair style: Short and sweet
Hair length: Initial: Shoulders Rebirth: Unchanged



Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



Initial Years of Service
Anri was Sylvie's closest friend in the Combat Mover tests- Sylvie was spunky an daring, Anri was sweet and innocent. Anri, who shared common goals with Sylvie, would request help of 3 other boomeroids: Nam, a grey haired boomeroid that was well versed in guard duty, Lou, a technician who kept D.D. under complete maintenance, and Meg- a fire-hearted soul who made sure everyone got to where they were supposed to go. However, midway through the escape, Anri was shot at, and a bullet grazed her below the chest, cutting a vital part of her circuitry. Meg, Lou, and Nam sacrificed their lives for both her and Sylvie's freedom, and allowed them to successfully reach Earth.Since Anri was still recovering from blood loss, Sylvie used the combat mover to obtain blood for her system so she could function. At a certain point in time, Sylvie discovered the location of a vital piece of hardware, and she would come back to Anri to get it done to the two of them. Sylvie, unfortunately, didn't make it...but Anri lived on, as a Boomeroid without the need for blood.Anri would then enlist to be Largo's personal secretary and helped him with the attack on the Knight Sabers- but learned far more than she needed to know. Largo, who didn't reveal the whole story, pointed fingers at Priss for Sylvie's death- and Anri would try everything in her grief-ridden mind to destroy the bond. But, she would snap out of it after stabbing Priss, and was killed by Largo for defiance. Priss would avenge her fallen friends even though she suffered heavy injuries.
Because her body was not as severely injured by Largo's psionic abilities, her repair job was fairly easy. She would be oblivious to old memories, except for the one where she met Sylvie- which all of the boomeroids will keep regardless of the corruption of past memories.

Additional description




Sylvie- Sister in workforce, closest friend
Priss- Friend due to relation to Sylvie
Largo- Old boss, old employer.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

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