Cephenios Cephy

Category: English | Position: Casual | Owned by: YDdragon

Basic Details

Species: Magidragon
Sex: Herm
Orientation: Pansexual


Height: 5'3"
Eye color: Yellow
Eye style: Draconic
Hair color: Light Brown
Hair style: Incredibly wavy
Hair length: About Butt-length


Makeup: Not much, but uses some. She mostly likes to decorate her green-colored claws~
Clothing: A colorful attire that covers her chest and a loincloth
Additional appearance details: She wears a jewel-sewn scarf, made and given to her by her grandmother, Fae. Jewelry is also found on her, especially earrings that resemble the color of her parents.


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good


Additional description

Cephy's a rather frisky Magidragon, not wearing much clothing other than something that at least covers her naughty parts. When she married her half-sister, she received a Topaz-Blue cock ring that stimulated the Art Spirit blood inside (since both her parents are Art Spirits) and revealed her Spirit form: Metallic Sky Blue.

Her main element is Air/Wind, as she can help stir up wind and adjust such windstorms. Whenever she flies in the sky, her golden-feathered wings sparkle like pure gold itself.


Her favorites include reading stories and poetry, especially if they're fantasy-related. A simple day of taking a stroll in the park while reading an entire book suits her perfectly.

When not reading, she likes to play with her relatives, most especially her Grandmother and 'Twin-Aunts,' Fae, Midi and Heidi. Cephy likes to follow up and assist with that they do, like making clothing out of jewels.



Her parents are Sapphy (Mother) and YD (Father), and Lapi is her adopted little brother.

Her half-sister, Julianna Silnun, is her closest half-sister and mate.

Her Mana Familiar has the same name as her mate (but mostly is referred to as 'Julie'), and is a Lavender-colored CB. He's very much a pet to both Cephy and Julianna


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant
Additional adult description: Her body contains quite a lot to reveal, being a Hermaphrodite~ She has an F~FF cup size and an bigger-than-normal male genitalia size. She can do much with those to others~
Tends to be both Dominant and Submissive.

1st version of Cephy, 2013.

Sketch notes on Cephy's up-to-date look, including her Mana Familiar

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