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Basic Details

Species: Sergal
Sex: Female
Orientation: Pansexual


Height: 5'11"
Eye color: Royal Purple
Hair color: Light Aqua


Clothing: Usually consists of something of nice colorful shirts and pants. (see picture below)


Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



As a young Sergal, her relation with her parents were no where near close as to other children during her time. She was an only child of her two conflicting parents whose common arguments over trifle things were a part of her audio life. It was driven to the point to where her father had enough and decided to pack his belongings and leave his wife and young child behind his back. He was never to be heard of again, but some say he became a murderer then was captured and executed immediately by a group of Policeman. Driven down by depression, Galina's mother grew helpless as the years went by, becoming a ghost to her surrounding community; however, Galina was not affected that badly compared to her mother as she continued to grow into an adolescent. During that time, a favorable thing she loved to do was to play with her close cousin, Lily. She was almost her only friend, but were like peas in a pod. Things then went downhill as one tragic day arrived: Galina, 13, arrived home from a rather good day at school and went to her mother's room wanting to give her a hug and talk. Unfortunately, the only thing she saw was a thing she did not want to see at all as she entered the room: her mother, dead on the floor. She committed suicide by an overdose of sleep medication. She left a suicide note behind for her daughter, which read: " I cannot live in this hell of mine any longer. Continue to live the life you want my precious, my only child. My mother can raise you from now on forth. Goodbye..." Galina ended up doing so, as her family line was dwindling down rapidly. She lives with her grandmother, but was ran down from all the events that happened in her past. Her grandmother then decided one day, as Galina laid in bed weeping her mind out, to try to raise her mind up. "Galina, my dear granddaughter" she said to her "Why must you condemn yourself in this hell of yours and just simply weep away at it? Think about it...face against it. These tragic events should not be the one thing to think of in your mind. Be strong. You said you were interested in studying Psychology, the studying of one's mood and actions, correct? Now, Galina, I suggest you should go into more depth of this. Study it, perform it. You can help those that are in depression, anxiety, guilt, a certain emotion, and are in desperate need of help. You can surely help those in need." These words certainly helped Galina, as she shifts her career into study Psychology, as well as a small portion of Nursing. She kept this in her mind as she graduated from high school and looked for a certain college that would take her. After getting accepted into a college that is known for their teaching of Psychology, her beloved grandmother died from a heart attack. Also, while at college, her close cousin, her friend, Lily was forced into aiding an urgent war that occurred a long distance away. Galina, unfortunately, became too tied up in her career and paid very little attention to her cousin, who was her only family now, now living in a war zone. During her fourth year of college, when tested to see how she taught her Psychology by professors....they hated it. They thought she taught too closely to her patients and not in the process/steps they anticipated her to do it in. Because of all this, they made her automatically fail and she ended up flunking out of college. Soon she was very little on money and was homeless. Despite being heart-broken for not achieving what she wanted, there was an alternative path. She already knew how she would help those in need for aid, like her grandmother said years ago, and decided to put that to the test on actual individuals rather than close-minded professors. She ran into people dealing with depression, thoughts of suicide, under complete stress (those with problems), and she would act like a supporting shoulder and hand to help them get on their feet again and live what they love. It was very successful for the sergal, as she saved many lives from their sadness, especially one person. Galina met a basking shark, Markus Bethesda, who was undergoing Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, as he was just discharged from the military and was suffering a life changing: he lost his right arm that was replaced by cyborg arm. She helped him to break through his sadness with her process, then he asked to take her home with him. She agreed, and the two made it to the Berthesda home where his brothers, Greg and Lane, and Mother were. There Markus brought the sad news, not just that he lost his arm, but also his beloved girlfriend: a sergal by the name of Lily. Galina fainted to hearing this, then, after waking up, broke into tears, mourning the loss of her cousin. But then, she and Markus started to hold together a close bond, becoming husband and wife, never to forget about Lily which the two love dearly.

Additional description

Visual Features- She has body colors of Light Aqua and White, her eye coloring being a Royal Purple. Emotional Powers/Energy- This varies depending on what mood Galina is in: When she is happy, she gives off some nice, cool energy that others can feel when walking past her. When sad, it would die off, and nothing is felt. When ecstatic or VERY happy (such as when having sex for example), she gives off a warm and fuzzy energy that makes others feel aroused or more full of pleasure. Depending on how happy she is, her energy could have a radius of some few inches to some few miles!


Helping those in need, anything from a small problem to a huge long-term issue.


Wars and Confliction


*Markus Berthesda is her husband *Lily was her cousin, but now is deceased.


Dominant/Submissive: Submissive

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