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Basic Details

Species: Dinosaur
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual
Place of birth: UNKNOWN


Eye color: Green
Eye style: Draconic
Hair color: None
Hair style: None
Hair length: None



Condition: Happy&Healthy
Alignment: Good
Sub-Alignment: Lawful
Type: Lightful being
Status: Good



When Athurru was only 1, both his mother and father, ill from an uncurable disease, died, the dinosaur was quickly administered into the I.G.O.S, the Inter-Galatic Orphanage Station.There, he met some of his close friends- like Ankura. As he grew older, he became more musclar, more endowed, and as a result, more horny. That, along with his feisty nature in bed, caught the attention of the Sex Gladiator employeers. Knowing full well what the Sex Gladiators were, he signed up, and therefore dressed to work sucessfully.
Sexual Pleasure's All Mine
Athurru's first match was quick and swift- a few gropes and a spurt of pre was all that was necessary to bring the horny dinosaur down- and that was when he was sexually pleased by his best bud, who happened to be his opponent- Ankura. With little to no effort, Athurru would cum spurt after spurt, making him feel used up... but his problems were not over. As a result of the loss, his cock grew exceptionally thick, and long, which in turn, made his libido go up the roof. A rematch later, Athurru's sexual depravity made him win the match, and he allowed his best bud to join the team, so long as he provided ripe holes and big cocks to play with.
Dinosaur Males: Sign In!
Soon after his first successful match, the sexual depravity went so high he simply ask for help on his needs... which in the end, made him recruit (after some sexual endorsement) several males to the team. As soon as Ankura returned with his plethora of teammates, the team had reached a whopping 100 men- a big number! However, Athurru was out doing a mate search.

Additional description

He's one to wear VERY unconvincing armor. Usually, a loin cloth, a chest plate with his chest showing, and maybe his weapons. He likes to show off his "weapon" alot, so expect him to be rockhard.




Shadow- Willing cumdump.


Dominant/Submissive: Dominant

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