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Owner: Sapphy
Name: Mivrek
Species: Haxorus
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

Owner: Ingwie
Name: Arashia Seniji
Species: Dragon
Sex: Shemale
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: Revin
Name: Mahgenta
Species: Dragonborne
Sex: Female
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: Alesaeuiesuia
Name: Alesaeuiesuia
Species: Althrukran
Sex: Herm
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Hokoronduvax
Name: Hokoronduvax
Species: Dragon (feral/anthro
Sex: Male
Orientation: Not Interested

Owner: Coventore
Name: The Covenant
Species: Covenant
Sex: Gendershifter
Orientation: Omnisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Al'kir Darkscale
Species: Argonian
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Ashe Vignar
Species: Western Dragon
Sex: Female
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: TerraflareVohyz
Name: Seyrin
Species: Western Derg
Sex: Male
Orientation: Bisexual

Owner: SapphireSmith9
Name: Martyn Kernighan
Species: Cyborg Dragon
Sex: Male
Orientation: Gay

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22.03.2014 01:30

Hey everyone.

Been a while since I posted here - but this is becoming more and more necessary.

Nobody of you probably knows - but in truth we actually have four moderators - from who only two are really active. These are currently:

  • Sapphy
  • Ranshiin
  • SolidusSnake
  • Lesia

Its a fact, that Snake is on rather rarely to never, which means that I have to talk about his status. Sapphy freely decided to drop down to a VIP and Lesia needs to be removed anyway; she is not going to return any time soon, that is her RL's fault.

This leaves only one moderator left: Ranshiin. Yikes! So what this means:

In the name of the Dragon's Inn, I am officially searching for two moderators.

For those that are new to that kind of "season", here is how it works:

  1. Send an email to: with a subject that will let me know that its about the Dragon's Inn staff registration. Something like this should work: Dragon's Inn staff application.
  2. In that email, make sure to let me know who you are! This is very important, otherwise I will just drop the email into my trashcan o-o.
  3. Answer the following questions in your email:

- Why would you like to register as a moderator? - What makes you a good moderator? - What do you think you can contribute to the inn - aka., what are you really good at that can help the inn evolve in one way or another?

Then, wait. Because during the next weekend, we will be voting for the new moderator. For that vote, we will have my sidekick Excel, thus all current - if they are going to be present - moderators and the VIPs that decide to come. The plan for the staff meeting itself will include some more topics than the voting itself - some things that concern the Inn are gong to be discussed too. Talk to your vip or staff friend, so they can bring in a topic that you would like to have discussed in the team - now is the chance to get that concern in!

CAUTION: I do not like to take staff applications via the chat! Please email it! That has to do wit the way I organize these kind of things and its mandatory for the housekeeping of the Inn.

A special moderator requirement during this search period is especially the following: We need a moderator that can cover past-european times! Somebody with a good time difference to Germany or the Uk will do, cause that is when Ran and Me go to bed - Excel too, sometimes at least... ;). But it's very important that these times are covered properly.

Now now! Let's flood the bird's inbox, right? :) I'll review your application, and we will see each of them during the meeting! So all that you write might become visible to the VIPs that join the meeting.

More information about the meeting will follow during this week. Stay tuned, stay warm~

-Ingwie Facebook: Personal | The Inn Skype: wlaningwie